M E E T  M A R I S S A

I am a wedding and portrait photographer specializing in weddings and high school senior portraits. I’m based out Columbus, Ohio and work throughout central Ohio.

My journey in photography began when I was quite young. I was involved in 4-H and took a photography project. I had so much fun snapping pictures and soon realized I had a passion for it. I knew that it was something that I would stick with and wanted to pursue.

I attended Ohio University where I majored in Commercial Photography. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication.

I’m inspired by beautiful bouquets, bold pops of color, and bright imagery. My favorite part of the wedding day is capturing the bridal details that you put so much thought into carefully selecting. When it comes to posing my style of photography is classic and natural. I love capturing happiness and joy but you won’t find me asking you to jump in the air!


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