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1 Easy Way To Shoot Better Couples Portraits

Posing has always been one of my biggest struggles so I have been studying up on it so much! Today I will be sharing a tip that I have learned that will quickly improve your engagement and bride and groom portraits. With couples portraits you almost always want there to be at least connection point between your couple (where they are touching). However the more connection points the better! Couples are naturally close to one another however once you point a camera at them they may be a bit uncomfortable and end up putting space between them. Which is totally understandable because unless you’re a model, being in front of the camera can be a little uneasy! However it’s your job as the photographer to direct your couples into beautiful natural poses. So as I said before, you want at least one connection point between your couple, for instance have them hold hands. Other cues you can use to get them to move in closer to each other are to say get belly button to belly button, get chest to chest, or get nose to nose. The more connection points there are, the more natural and romantic the pose will feel. It can look uncomfortable and a little off if there’s a lot of space between the couple.

Another one of my biggest pet peeves is arms or hands that are just hanging there doing nothing. I’m trying to get better about eliminating these with my posing but sometimes I get caught up and leave a dangling arm there! Ugh! So make sure to snap a photo and then analyze it on the back of your camera so that you aren’t kicking yourself when you review the photos later on. Try to always have the couples hands doing something. For instance have the groom stick his hand in his pocket rather than leaving it out. When it comes to the bride it’s easy to pose her because she has a bouquet so she always has something to do with her hands! Other options are to instruct them to hold hands, wrap the hands around the waist or neck etc. Just try to make sure that you’re always giving your couple instructions on what they should do with their hands and it will greatly improve your photos.

I hope this helps! Are these tips that you already keep in mind when you’re photographing couples? What’s your biggest hang up when it comes to posing? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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